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Life Admin Worksheet

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Welcome to a productivity solution designed specifically for streamlining your overwhelming to-do list. I understand the weight of countless tasks cluttering your mind. That's why I've created this worksheet to help you transform these mental burdens into a practical, achievable plan.

The 'Braindump' section is your starting point—unload every lingering task occupying your thoughts onto paper. Next, identify the top three most pressing tasks and list them under 'Priorities.' This strategic step helps you focus on what truly matters.

The remaining tasks can be categorized into 'Couch Care,' ideal for tasks achievable from your bed or couch; 'Around the House,' for tasks that require movement within your home, and 'Errands,' for tasks you have to leave the house to complete.

This worksheet acts as your compass, guiding you to efficiently tackle tasks and regain control over your day. Looking for more insights on managing life admin? Check out this blog post for additional ideas and inspiration:

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