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You Aren't Struggling Alone

I have lived with chronic health stuff for decades, & during most of that time, I pretended I was okay to anyone who asked. I was embarrassed by my struggles & my bad days, & believed that if I tried hard enough, I could cure my depression, anxiety, AI diseases, ADHD symptoms, etc.

I never “cured” myself. But I did learn that not feeling good all the time isn’t a failure or a sign that I’m not trying hard enough.

So…I’ve learned to get comfortable with the hard days. A huge reason I share this stuff on social media is because chronic health stuff isn’t represented much online- which leads to us feeling “othered,” isolated, & hopeless.

Here’s a link to the YouTube video I just put up of a week in my life. I hope that it helps normalize some of the good, bad, & ugly for those of us living with physical & mental health considerations. 💚

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