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  • 1-on-1 Support

    Let’s work together to declutter and organize your home. How it works: #1 Schedule a 20-minute free consultation so we can discuss your concerns and decide on the best plan to address your home. #2 Book here for an hour-long Zoom session where we will work together on a space or a room. In this session, we will: * Declutter- I will be your sounding board for what to declutter and what to keep. * Organize- Discussing what you use and enjoy, we will organize your items in a way that makes sense for the functionality of your home. * Maintain- I will make notes during our meeting to help you with maintenance ideas moving forward. I’ll send these notes to you after our session. I spent about 15 years feeling overwhelmed and ashamed, so I want to assure you that this is a judgment-free experience. I won't be shocked by your spaces, and I will approach our work together with respect for you and your circumstances. This work will be a good fit for you if: - You are overwhelmed and want someone to be there with you to help make decisions. - You struggle to know how to organize your belongings. - You are open to suggestions. If you would love to work together but don't have the budget, I offer a sliding scale for the fee as often as I can. If you have questions about anything or want to ask about the sliding scale, please email me at

  • Free Intro Meeting

    If you're interested in booking 1-on-1 coaching, let's start with a quick meeting to make sure our work together is a good fit. We can talk about your needs and create a plan to make your home a more peaceful place.

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