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Adaptive Cleaning System (Printable)

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Change your home with the Adaptive Cleaning Maintenance System.

Keeping your home functioning when you have low or inconsistent time/energy is extraordinarily difficult. But having a plan of action that fits your varying capacities will transform your home.

I made the Adaptive Cleaning System to support you (and me!) on 2 levels:

1. Daily & weekly tasks- Whether you'd prefer to have a daily or weekly breakdown, I've got you covered. There are colorful daily plan sheets, as well as black-and-white formats suitable for printing. All of our spaces and lives work differently, so there are blank, customizable lists, too.

2. Deep cleaning tasks- rather than trying to tackle the whole house all at once or cleaning a little here and there, stay focused and effective. I made a full year of monthly deep cleaning tasks, divided by low, average, and high capacity chores. Please remember that you don’t need to complete every task in the monthly deep cleaning sheets. These are merely options that you can complete if you feel able, or that you can pick and choose from as you’d like.

* This package is to help you with maintenance cleaning. If your home could benefit from decluttering and getting the rooms more functional, but you're struggling to know where to start, please see my "Take Back Your Spaces: The Adaptive Cleaning Home Reset."

These pages are printer-friendly but can also be used digitally. If you have a subscription to a PDF editing app, like Adobe Acrobat, you can edit the documents as well.

Please note: this is a digital purchase, and you will not receive a physical order. Because this product is digital and cannot be returned, refunds are not given. However, I am happy to answer any questions to ensure you have what you need.

✔ COPYRIGHT - All materials are copyrighted © Adaptive Living. These downloads are for personal use only. You may not resell, distribute, reproduce, or give these downloads away in any form, even if you have made modifications. By purchasing this product, you accept these terms.

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