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Take Back Your Spaces: The Adaptive Cleaning Home Reset

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If your home makes you feel like you’re suffocating, let’s work on that together.

Most of us are attempting to take care of our homes with limited time and/or energy while living with chronic conditions like pain, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, and more. Life is not as simple for us as “just getting it done.” Instead of thinking we need to work harder (which only sets us up for failure), we need tools that work with our lived experience.

This guide offers a step-by-step plan for making a messy, overwhelming home functional again. The guide includes thirty daily checklists to methodically get your home decluttered, cleaned, and organized. It is full of tips and ideas for working at your own capacity and includes mindset work that is accessible and powerful. There is also a Word document of the checklists, so you can edit as needed, and a PDF of the checklists.

You deserve to live in a comfortable home. Please note: this is a digital purchase, and you will not receive a physical order. Because this product is digital and cannot be returned, refunds are not given. However, I am happy to answer any questions to ensure you have what you need.

If you'd like to purchase this as a physical product, the guide can be bought on Amazon at this link:

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