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Getting Slime out of the Carpet

One of my biggest peeves is searching an article for the main idea and having to read through the storytelling to get there. So I'm going to talk about the hack first, and then, if you feel like it, you can read my commentary!

If you have slime in your carpet, whether it's dried or not, there is a sure-fire way to get it out. Saturate the slimed area with distilled white vinegar and let it sit for 5 minutes.

{Some carpets or rugs are sensitive to undiluted vinegar, so make a solution of one part water to two parts vinegar, just to be safe.}

If the slime is in one piece, gently prod the edges of the slime with a spoon. It may take a few minutes, but it will slowly pull away from the carpet or rug fibers.

If the slime is a crazy, sprawling, mess, follow the same steps, but keep a damp towel next to you to blot at the little pieces of slime tentacles as they release.

Now on to the commentary!

I'm a cool mom. I let my kids make big messes.

There was the time I told the kids they could paint all over our front porch and driveway. It was washable paint, what could go wrong? Well, two bottles of acrylic paint somehow made it into the mix, and the Texas sun beat the acrylic paint so solidly into the cement that it became inseparable. Sigh.

Don't even get me started on glitter!

Messiest of them all is slime! When my kids got into slime, several long years ago, I bought all the glue, let them deplete my saline solution and Kwame's shaving cream, and (im)patiently cleaned all the sticky bowls and spoons. Like a real-life saint.

Slime has gotten all over pillows, on dogs, stuffed animals, clothes, sheets, and even in my rug. My lovely rug that my aunt gifted me. A rug more beautiful and expensive than I would have ever allowed myself in this season of my life! A rug the children are forbidden to get close to while their hands are employed with slime!

The paint was so hard to get out of the cement- I scrubbed with Dawn Powerwash, tried to lift with paint thinner, and eventually had to use a power washer to get rid of the last paint traces.

The glitter...well, it'll always be with us to some extent, won't it?

The slime- wow, I wish I had known about the vinegar solution before wasting my time fruitlessly on other "hacks." So I hope this info reaches you before you've spent an hour of your life, scrubbing and swearing under your breath that THE COOL MOM DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE!

Full disclosure: I didn't dilute the vinegar, but I also don't live by quotes like "better safe than sorry"!

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