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You Deserve to be Understood

If you have chronic physical &/or mental health considerations, you may feel like you’re failing or be ashamed of your situation. It’s time to change that.

The predominance of media does not represent us. We are surrounded by images of people

who seem to be in perfect health and who appear to have easy, in-control lives. When we can’t achieve feeling/looking good all the time, or our homes and lives seem irreparably messy, we blame ourselves. Why wouldn’t we?

To create a different dynamic, we have to be seen, and our experiences understood. I get quite anxious about sharing how much I struggle, but I keep talking about it because this is important.

The difficulties we live with aren’t there because we’re not good people, not disciplined, or not trying our best. We have difficulties because things are happening in our bodies & minds that require extra love, time, attention, & consideration. It’s not shameful, and understanding we aren’t alone is key to having the strength to show up for ourselves in the ways that improve our lives.

This is some of my chronic illness experience. Feel free to finish the prompt with me, “People with chronic health considerations live with…” We support each other when we share our experiences. 💚

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