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Realities of Keeping House When You’re at Low Capacity

In my experience, if a house is in chaos, it is almost always due to overwhelm. Life can be insanely busy. Depression can be soul-sucking. Physical pain can be utterly devestating. Yet, we still expect ourselves to keep everything going. Why?

Capacity is the level at which we can produce, the amount we can handle. And the best gift you can give yourself is to know in what capacity you’re working at and structure your life accordingly. I can shift between low, average, and high capacity because I have a plan for each. I prioritize specific tasks while ignoring others and employ cleaning hacks and shortcuts. This saves me time, keeps my home from falling apart, and prevents me from getting frustrated or down on myself.

If I’m at high capacity, I can return phone calls, make meals with fresh produce, exercise, plan ahead, etc. If I’m at low capacity, I’m probably not texting you back; pizza has been ordered, I death stare my yoga mat, and I don’t know what day it is. Both of these capacities are normal, and pretending that low capacity living is equal to sucking at life is not just wrong; it’s going to make life worse than it has to be.

I want you to know that fluctuations in energy and ability are normal and just require a bit of strategy. So, this coming week, I’m making content on how to deal with things like dishes, food, and laundry when you’re at low capacity. I hope this series of videos helps equip you with ideas to develop your own plan!

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